Thursday, March 17, 2011

Indian Wells Country Club 3-6-2011

Indian Wells Country Club is one of the older, fine private clubs in Indian Wells. The weather was perfect, the venue divine and it was gorgeous in the desert, that time of year!

High Tea San Bernardino Women's Club 2-19-2010

The Women's Club of San Bernardino has invited me to be a part of their annual High Tea for several years now.
It is always an enjoyable experience.

Wedding Yorba Linda 12-30-2010

This lavish hilltop residence was the venue for this spectacular wedding reception.

Christmas Day 2010

Harpist play on almost all major holidays and Christmas Day is no exception. This Convalescent Care Hospital was a pretty sad place for the residents to be on Christmas.

Christmas Eve 2010

Once in a whole, it is my pleasure to play for a lavish Christmas Eve party in a residence. This family had purchased a fine, old, golden harp as furniture. They wanted me to play it but it needed work. It was a good thing that I had my harp with me!

South Coast Weston 6-26-2010

South Coast Weston has two ceremony sites. One down in an atrium and this one, that is located up on top of the roof. It was so windy that my harp blew over. First time EVER!

Mother's Day Yorba Linda Country Club

Yorba Linda Country Club has invited me to play for their Easter and Mother's Day brunch for well over 15 years. It is always a pleasure!

Bahia Corinthian High Tea 6-17-2010

It was my pleasure to be invited to play for Bahia Corinthians's High Tea on June 17th.
I have enjoyed playing for this fine private club for many years.