Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fullerton Arboretum 9-6-2013

Lovely Fullerton Arboretum was the venue for this lovely wedding. I have played there and been referred by them, for many years. I have seen a lot of changes in the last 20+ years. All for the better, I might add.


Hyatt Regency Orange County 9-1-2013

Hyatt Regency Orange County was the very elegant venue for this very lavish reception. I played in the foyer for the pre reception. Then the guests were allowed to enter the grand ballroom.

Rock Spring Independent Living 8-27-2013

Rock Spring Independent Living was planning on hosting a fashion show but it was cancelled. I got to play for all the residents for their regular dinner and the harp was very well appreciated.

Claremont Place 8-9-2013

Claremont Place in Claremont is a gorgeous assisted care facility and I've played there for many many years. This was a afternoon recital for the residents.


Upland Hills Country Club 8-24-2013

Upland Hills Country Club was the venue for this lovely wedding on another Hot August Night.

Wiens Family Cellars 9-17-2013

Wien's Cellars hosted this lovely wedding in a Hot August Night but it was lovely by the time the ceremony began.


Crown Pointe Emeritus Corona 7-23-2013

Crown Pointe Emeritus hosted a lovely High Tea for its seniors and their families. The food was beautiful and the room was decorated very nicely. Everybody enjoyed the harp.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Buena Park Senior Center 7-3-2013

Buena Park Senior Center: hosts daily luncheons for the local seniors on weekdays. This particular event was sponsored by  Apple Care:
It was a July 4th celebration luncheon and the guests enjoyed the harp very much.

Villa Mesa Care Center Upland 6-25-2013

I play for a lot of these nice assisted care facilities. Candlelight dinners and such. This was a delightful outdoor patio dinner for the residents. It's a lot of extra work for the caregivers but it's so worth it. The residents and their families enjoyed the harp and the event very much.