Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fairmont Park 10-29-2011

Fairmont Park in Riverside is a great place to have a wedding! The lake is lovely, the grounds were marvelous and the wedding was perfect.

St Francis of Assisi @Indian Wells Ca 10-22-2011

St Francis of Assisi of is a marvelous church, in the glorious desert town of Indian Wells. The day was perfect, the wedding was lovely and I had a marvelous time.

Owen's Bistro Chino 10-15-2011

Owen's Bistro is a well kept secret. The venue is small but mighty and the food, presentation and service was superb.

Glen Ivy Spa and Resort 10-9-2011

Glen Ivy Spa and Resort graciously agreed to me play my harp again in exchange for free lunch and a free spa day! Great fun and gorgeous weather!

Emmanuel Temple Victorville 10-8-2011

Emmanuel Temple Victorville was the venue for this Career Day event. It was very well organized and had several highly qualified speakers and lots of vendors.

Lake Oak Meadows Temecula 10-1-2011

Lake Oak Meadows is a lovely venue, especially in the fall. This wedding went off perfectly!