Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Diamond Bar Center 5-27-2013

Diamond Bar  Center was the glorious venue for this spectacular wedding. Posted on top of a hill with a fabulous view, this venue offers all that a family could possibly want for a perfect event This particular wedding was quite lavish and it was a privilege to be a part of it!

Pacific View Mortuary Newport Beach 5-26-2013

I rarely post funeral events on this site. Please see and for most of the services that I do. However, just thought I'd add this one in here because it was so lovely. This was the second service that I have done for this family within a very short time. It was my honor and privilege to be asked to play my harp for this family, again.
It was also Memorial Day weekend, so I added the  final photo to honor our fallen veterans.

Fairmont Park Riverside 5-24-2013

Fairmont Park in Riverside, was the location for my first Memorial Weekend 2013 event! This was a wonderful outdoor picnic for residents of local assisted care and rehab hospitals, from the surrounding area. It was another networking opportunity but there were lots of activity directors in attendance. Hopefully, they will remember the nice harpist who played there? It was a wonderful kick off to my weekend.

Canyon Crest Winery Riverside 5-23-2013

Canyon Crest Winery, in Riverside hosted a mixer for people close to my age. This was a networking opportunity for me, so I took advantage of it.

Arlington Commons- Riverside 5-18-2013

Arlington Commons- Riverside, is located just down the street from my house! This was the final Mothers Day Luncheon, for this year. The families were invited this weekend after, due to many of the residents and their families, being out of town the weekend of Mothers Day. It worked better for me as well. A great time was had by all.


Palacios Senior Living 5-16-2013

Palacios Senior Living, in Anaheim Hills, hosted a lovely High Tea, in honor of the residents who are mothers. I play at this gorgeous facility, a few times a year.

Yorba Linda Country Club Mother's Day Brunch 5-12-2013

Yorba Linda Country Club hosts a magnificent Mothers Day Brunch each year. This year was no exception. I am proud to have played for this very special event for over 15 years.

Pacific Boy Choir Academy Los Angeles 5-10-2013

This special concert was presented by the Pacific Boy Choir Academy of Oakland, Ca. My sister is on the board of directors and also teaches, accompanies and supervises this Grammy Award winning choir. This special presentation of the Rachmaninoff's Vespers, was held at the First Congregational Church in Los Angeles.

Sunrise La Palma 5-11-2013

Sunrise La Palma hosted a lovely Mothers Day Luncheon, for the residents and their families. The food was wonderful and was presented very nicely.  This was my first time to play at this gorgeous facility.

Sunnycrest Senior Living 5-10-2013

  Sunnycrest Chalet Assisted Living, in Fullerton, Ca. is a great place to live. They host many special events, such as the lovely High Tea for the residents and their families. This is my second year, to play for this fun  event. Happy Mothers Day everybody!

Temecula Creek Inn 5-9-2013

Lovely Temecula Creek Inn , hosted this gorgeous wedding. An ancient smoke house is the center point of the venue but the lovely trees, gorgeous flowers and fabulous decorations were the hit of the evening.

Park Plaza - City of Orange 4-21-2013

Park Plaza in Orange, Ca, was the venue for this delightful birthday party, for one of their residents. Her daughter came all the way from England, to host this delightful party.

Crown Pointe Emeritus Corona 4-19-2013

Lovely Emeritus Crown Pointe in Corona, has been a favorite of mine for many years. This was a special art show for the residents, along with snacks, harp and other music. It was delightful and so close to home, for me!

Heritage House High Tea April 7, 2013

It has been my pleasure to play at the Heritage House High Teas, for many years. This lovely outdoor event is held underneath an ancient Oak tree. The weather was perfect and everyone had a wonderful time.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mom and Dad's 65th Anniversary!

I rarely post personal things on this blog but how often does somebody have parents who celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary?  This family dinner was held at the gorgeous Orange Hill Restaurant on  Friday, April 6th. We had flowers, cake and many wonderful memories.

Easter Sunday Yorba Linda Country Club 3-31-2013

Yorba Linda Country Club  hosts a lavish  Easter Brunch for their members and families, each year. They have an Easter Egg Hunt, pony rides , train rides and many other fun activities for the youngsters. This special event  is one of my years highlights!